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Us, always

Apparently, it’s National Poetry Month.

I scribbled this poem out while testing a new fountain pen this afternoon. Enjoy 🙂

us, always
before we were, there was still an us
after what is you and I has gone to dust
the force that creates us will remain
forever chasing the starlight from which we came


Cell Phone Waiting Area

I’ve said so many goodbyes here
At this airport
In this space
So many tears
So many one last hugs and sweetly stolen kisses
So many footsteps between gates and TSA and Powells and Coffee People
Crossing continents between storefronts
So many goodbyes that the awful teal carpet is embossed on my soul
I see it in my sleep when I travel Away
And know when my Chucks touch it again I am home
Or someone I love is home
Or is leaving and I am stuck with the cold walk across the skybridge
To the damp parking garage
Clutching another book from Powells in my hand like it will ward off the chill of the bed
That you’ve slept in these past two weeks
And tonight I will have all to myself
I should wash the sheets but they still smell like you
Like us
Like your skin cream and our sex
And I should wash those sheets
And your hoodie you left behind
But tonight when I sleep alone
I want your scent to surround me again
I’ll dream of airport goodbyes on different continents and know that soon
I’ll be back on that awful turquoise carpet
And you
You’ll be home again

Happy (poem)

I want to believe you 

              Are happy
But it is hard 

       When your body

               Is telling me





Connected by technology,
in bed with each other,
though hundreds of miles apart
I’m reading Fight Club, I told him, and he made a face.

Really, I like Palahnuik
I said.

And he said,
I get that. But I thought you told me
That you don’t like who you are
When you like those kinds of books

And I’ve been questioning myself ever since.

I love you always

When I say “I love you”, I mean it.
It’s not something I shout in passion, and forget the next day.
It’s not something it will say to use you
Or to get something from you that I want.
It’s not a trade or a scam or a con.
It is not temporary, or something I will stop doing.

When I say “I love you”
It is for always.

When I say “I love you”
It means you are important
It means you are forever
It means you are mine.

When I say “I love you”
Which I don’t, not very often,
It is because you have become a part of me
And a part of my world
And a part of my heart.
And even when you are no longer a part of my life
I hold a sacred spot in my being, reserved for your spirit

When I say “I love you”
What I mean is,
Here is my heart, my world, my life, my soul.
You have changed it forever, just by being
And I will never be the same.
Not a day will go by without a thought of you in every hour
And, should we part ways,
I will never stop missing you.

When I say ,”I love you”
I am sharing with you a gift
The only one I can offer
The gift of me
Of who I am, deep inside, in the places no one else sees
My secret soul, the place I am afraid to show too many people
For fear the sacred will be profaned.

When I say “I love you”
It’s because you belong to that secret place
You belong within me
And I within you

When I say “I love you”
It is for always.