I’m still here, and I’m still writing. But I haven’t loved anything I’ve come up with recently. But all y’all get worried when I don’t post… Which I appreciate so very much.

I’m doing well. Moving forward. I survived Christmas, and had a fanatic new year. I got to ring it in surrounded by love… Kisses from both the men in my life and a New Year’s Day filled with the laughter and love of my heart family. 

The Cymbalta is, cross my fingers, still working. I’m still excercising and, now that the holidays are over, I’m getting back to eating better again. I took a class at twisted yarn shop in Portland last weekend, and I’m inspired to try some new techniques. Work is gong well and thankful slowing down. I’m happy to be back in the rainy cold season. This weather makes me so happy. 

My marriage is going amazing. The medication allows me to sleep soundly next to my husband almost every night. I’d don’t think that would ever happen… My kids are well and happy and growing. I’ve gotten a lot of close snuggle time with my boyfriend over the last month-ish. 

Life is good. Thanks for reading, and happy new year to you all.



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