A quick check in


Seems I always go back to the ocean….

Mr Awesome and I celebrated our anniversary last weekend in the Oregon coast. It’s been fifteen amazing years. Our son is almost as tall as me now, and the way our daughter is growing, she will be taller than me someday, too. I suppose it’s my lot in life, to be the small one in my family.

Things are going well. We had a lovely fourth, and it’s nice to be getting into the summer routine again. I’m making a promise to myself to both work out and write every weekday. Those are both things that make me feel better to do regularly, but that are also hard to find the motivation to do. Weekends will be free days, time for family adventures in the Gorge or at the water park.

I like who I am when I exercise and eat well. The chronic pain is less prominent and easier to deal with, and I don’t get as fatigued. I am also less prone to bad depression and snap out of depressed episodes easier and more quickly.

I’ll be blogging still, hopefully once a week but sometimes a Iittle less or more, depending on mood. I want to get back into the story I started last summer… I feel good when I play with words. I like getting them out of my head and hope that other people find value in them, too.

Still no new partners on the horizon… Plenty of people I’d be interested in, but that won’t work for one reason or another. And I’m ok with that, for the most part.

I hope all is well for all of you… Thanks as always, For reading.


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