Monthly Archives: February 2014


We’ve had some weather the past few days.

It’s been nice, actually. This particular storm started on a Thursday and made for a slow commute home for Mr Awesome and an extra night off on Thursday night for me. The kids got Friday and today off of school, and we otherwise really didn’t have anywhere to be this weekend. So we hunkered down and watched it fall.

Heavy blowing powder in Thursday and Friday. More blowing powder on Saturday, changing to freezing rain on Saturday night and Sunday morning. Mr Awesome and I got out on Friday morning before things got truly awful and got groceries… You know, essential stuff like bacon and Pepsi and mint Oreos. The kids did some sledding at the top of our hill and we drank tea and binge watched Netflix. It’s been pretty awesome.

We spent a whole afternoon watching a tv show that Ewan McGregor made with his friend about riding a motorbike around the world. It was fascinating a fun and relaxing to pile up on the couch like that. Mr Awesome cooked a nice dinner that night, and I baked a pie. Snow days are dangerous – it’s easy to eat too much. I beat a few levels on Candy Crush and knitted a few rows in my sweater. The kids played some board games and read some books and did their homework.



It wasn’t the weekend I had planned. I’ve been running myself ragged caring for my mom and working crazy hours at work. I believe I’ve had a case if compassion fatigue, and I feel really quite done with caring for people or being at places where I don’t want to be. Needing an escape, I had planned to drive west until I ran out of land, and spend the night on the coast somewhere. I love the coast in all it’s seasons, but winter is a special sort of magic. The storms and the cold are wonderful, the colors different than the summer ocean, the beaches and shops and restaurants empty of tourists. I wanted to take Wash, but he couldn’t go, so I was going by myself.

Until the storms started to move in.

I could be angry at the postponement, again, of my getaway. I’ve been trying to do this for months, and it keeps not working. But I’ve chosen to feel blessed. To love this time with my kids, watching them fly down the hill on sledding disks, breathless and red in the face. Storms like this hit only every five years or so, and the last time we had one, my daughter was barely a year old,too small to adventure in the cold. This was the dog’s first snow, too,and it was fun to watch him eat the snow and learn to walk on the ice.

I could have been unhappy, but instead I chose joy. I could complain about not being able to get out, but I chose to enjoy the opportunities a weekend a home provided me.

Whenever given the opportunity, I choose joy. It makes all the difference.