Out of the Woods

finally figured out what the hole in the chair's armrest was for.

Crocheting in the wilderness. I’m working on a Gryffindor scarf for a client.

I’m back. Again. I bet you didn’t even realize I was gone. That’s the amazing thing about this modern age. We didn’t get the cool hover-skateboard thingies but we can connect to almost anyone, at almost any time.

So, it’s been one of those summers where I feel like I’ve been gone more than I’ve been home. I feel like I have gotten home just long enough, most weeks, to can or freeze whatever my garden grew while I was gone, and then leave again. Our camping gear has been in a permanent pile in the garage, and my trusty backpack smells like those Blue Diamond roasted, salted almonds.

I think I’ve been camping more this summer than in the entire rest of my life, combined.

This last trip was, indeed, the last trip. We are now home for the last few weeks of summer vacation. We went to Fort Stevens, which is on the Northernmost corner of Oregon, bordered on one side by the Pacific, and on the other by the Columbia River.

We had a glorious day at the beach. It was 75 and calm and sunny, a rare trifecta on the Northern coast. We brought Regigas, our trusty black mutt-dog, and let him be free to be all doggish and chase seagulls and bark at Mr Awesome’s stunt kite. The kids built a gigantic sand castle with their grandparents and we ate peanut butter sandwiches while sitting on a piece of driftwood and watching the surf.

The kids and I spent one peaceful afternoon picking huckleberries in the empty campsites in our loop. Lil D made a new friend and, not unsurprisingly, got lost. Actually, she wasn’t lost. She knew exactly where she was. She just didn’t tell us she was going to the playground with her new friend. So, to be more accurate, we lost her.

I learned to make pizza pockets over an open fire. I rode my bike for the first time this summer. I did a small amount of writing and took a few pictures. I met a charming, chatty older gentleman from Texas, and I beat Mr Awesome at a few hands of Gin.

It was a lovely way to close out summer.

And now we are home. Home to the garden and apples and plums. Soccer practice has started for both kids, and class assignments came out last week. Lil D starts kindergarten on Sept 16th. The Boychild starts 5th grade on Sept 9th. It’s raining while I write this, and this morning I dug out my wool socks and made a hot breakfast for everyone.

I’ve had a lot of stuff going on this summer. Travelling, even to familiar places, leave you feeling different from you were when you left. There are things I can’t talk about here, not yet, but I’m still writing about them in hope of sharing them later. There are feelings I need to process before I put them in words, and the last push of summer to get through before I get my days back, before I get the time to sit with my coffee and my iPad and just write.

I’m looking forward to fall… pumpkin lattes and sweaters and boots. The time of year when I can go Steampunk pretty much whenever I want, and not roast. Both kids in school, and time for me to dust of my creative self.

I’ve done a lot of growing this summer.

And I’m excited and a little scared to share some of this process with my readers.

I’m getting some posts ready about my trips to Breitenbush, and Tillicum with Velah, and our latest trip to Fort Stevens. I had an amazing night of conversation with Moredena and Jirris, and I have some thoughts to polish up before I present them here. Coming up, I want to write about Poly as a choice or an orientation, trying on the triad-shaped relationship, and dealing with the impending adolescence of my son.

I welcome comments and thoughts and suggestions. If there is anything you want to hear my thoughts on, please let me know in the comments or via twitter. I’m @MsStealthSnark there.


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