They look a little like a Coppertone ad, don’t they?

And this, my friends, is what summer looks like. Happy healthy kids, returning from a dip in the Sandy River on a 90 degree day. Birthday cupcakes with my chosen sister Moredena and all her lovely friends and family. Hawaiian shirts and piñatas and freckles and soda and burgers on the grill.

Summer is pretty jars of home-canned produce, cooling on the kitchen counter. Summer is waterfall hunting and river swims and beachside picnics. It’s tide pools and campfires and the smell of blackberry vines roasting in the sun.

It’s sand in your toes and berry juice under your fingernails. It’s rum and coke in the backyard and popsicles on the front porch.

Summer is laughter and joy and love and heat.

And summer is, probably, my favorite time of year.


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