Aren't we cute together?

The Husband and myself at GearCon 2013

Pleas forgive me if this post rambles a bit. I’m coming down off of GearCon 2013, and the real world is taking a little adjustment. Immersing yourself in alternate realities for three days is kind of like that. I’m feeling like the entire weekend was crammed into about 36 hours, and I’m having a tough time remembering which event happened on what day.

It was such an amazing weekend. I cam back with all sorts of creative ideas and, I hope, I think I made some new friends as well.

Since I’m having a hard time with coherent sentences, I’m going to just do this post list-format.

  • The DoubleTree hotel in Portland was a lovely venue. The staff was wonderful and helpful and very, very tolerant of all of us crazies. And some whimsical scheduler put us back-to-back with a Catholic group, which made for fun time and strange looks. We were conveniently located across from Lloyd Center, where we had many of our meals. I always love being the person helping to keep Portland weird.
  • Portlanders are amazingly tolerant of strangely dressed folks wandering the city’s streets.
  • Leather Mystics are a lovely company. If you need leather goods, I highly recommend them. They cater not only to the corset and doublet crowd, but also the kink community, and do so with discretion and a fantastic sense of humor.
  • Swordfighting is difficult in a Victorian-inspired bustled skirt.
  • Tesla coils are the coolest things ever. Especially when used to fry bananas and DVDs.
  • Abney Park makes awesome airship pirate music.
  • The fashion show was neat, but I had more fun wandering the event and looking at people’s home-grown costumes.
  • Sitting in a tailcoat is a special skill
  • Fighting with a parasol is boatloads of fun.
  • Sharpies can be vicious weapons, and if it gets taken away from you there is very little your assailant can do with it.
  • Tom Badillo is bad-ass. Apparently, so am I.
  • I came home with dozens of pages of notes for costuming ideas, sewing tips, and people and events to Google.
  • Velah is a shameless girl-watcher. And a lot of fun to wander a vendor hall with.
  • I still love going to events like this with my husband. He makes something that would be fun anyways a complete blast.
  • Rosie the Riveter makes for very, very attractive cosplay.
  • Steampunk folks are my kind of people.

I’m sure there are other things that will dribble out of my brain over the coming weeks…. But I’m feeling pretty fried.

Oh, and one more thing. This caused hysterics all weekend long. Thank you, Velah, for putting up with this:

Good pet owners tag their pets

She kept wandering off, and we didn’t have her leash


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