My Unicorn

This last Sunday, the Husband and I got to go on a date. We were hoping for a bike ride, but the odd May weather we’ve been having cancelled that idea, and so instead, we went to the Sports store for some camping stuff we were still in need of. After that, we went out for coffee and lunch at New Seasons.

And, magically, wonderfully, we got to do this all by ourselves.

We left the kids home with Velah and her son. Her guy is the same age as our son, and they get along like a house on fire. Our daughter adores Velah. Everyone gets along amazingly.

Who is Velah? She is my husband’s Pet… a collared sub and a lovely partner for him. They have a relationship that I can’t begin to understand. Kink is not my thing, not even a little bit. But I do understand that they love each other. A lot. And she makes him very, very happy. And that makes me happy. And, somehow, she has become someone I love dearly…

Somehow, she’s in our life now, and I can’t imagine life without her.

I get texts throughout the day from her, and they always make me smile. We’re thinking of a camping trip this summer, both families, and things have been said about her moving closer, someday. She’s the first person I have ever been able to see this sort of arrangement working with. And it’s strange and wonderful and more than a little scary.

She’s our unicorn. She says I’m her rainbow-colored bear. Utterly unexpected things, surprising everyone. Something rare and to be treasured.

But it’s so easy to be around her. Puttering in the garden, or making dinner together. Little household chores or a soak at Common Grounds. It’s as easy to be with just her as it is to be with her and Husband together. In the strange way of poly relationships that work well, she offers her time and home to my husband so I can spend time with Wash. She is respectful of my need for alone time and creative time. I try valiantly to work with her vegetarianism and various food allergies.

And have I mentioned it makes her happy, deep in her soul, to do housework for other people?

I came home last Sunday from a lovely bit of alone time with my husband, to find my kitchen floor swept and mopped.

She even cleaned under the entertainment center, poor thing. It was nasty under there.

My bathroom has never been so shiny.

And have I mentioned I hate housework?

I think we should keep this Pet that followed my husband home. She’s too good to be true. She offers to watch the kids so Husband and I could reconnect, and then cleans my house.

The poly lifestyle leads us all to some unexpected places, doesn’t it?

PS- If you have the time, pop over to Velah’s blog and give it a read. She’s pretty awesome.



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