If you are curious, this is what forever looks like to me. My handsome pirate, a sunny day, the people I love surrounding me.

This is where I’ve been the past month. For a twice-weekly blog, I’ve really dropped the ball. And for that I am sorry.

But I’ve been so busy elsewhere and elsewhen, that I haven’t had the time to post.

We kicked off Faire season a few weeks ago, with Faire in the Grove, in Forest Grove, OR. It was a full and busy weekend, with a lead-up of a bunch of sewing and planning. I costume as a hobby, and Faires and Steampunk events are a chance for me to really let my imagination run riot.

It’s a chance to escape for a while… let the kids run feral, watch the handsome knights and dashing pirates, enjoy a beer or three, and a lovely Lady on my arm. And home afterwards, for burgers and s’mores and Family time.

My head is spinning. An unexpected relationship has brought me much happiness, and so much love.

I’ve been running from one thing to another… soccer games and practices and Family nights and dates with Wash and some much needed Me time. I’ve been wandering in my own head, planning tailcoats and pirate shirts and knitted projects and my summer’s canning projects.

And I’ve been enjoying what has been, until yesterday, an unseasonably warm spring here in the NW. I’ve been gardening and mowing and working on an impressive crop of freckles.

At some point, soon, I want to sit down and start sorting all of this out through my writing. But until then, I will daydream about sunny afternoon picnics in the grass, watching people play with swords, wearing my favorite bodice and my pretty new sun hat, my pirate lover by my side. I will wander in the thoughts of my Lady, snuggled up against me, and long walks with her on warm spring evenings, and the delightful anticipation of things to come. I will dream of the warm summer sun on my skin, and all the love that is already here, and all that is yet to be.


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