Happy Spring

Well, we made it through Easter. No baskets for the kids, not that we’ve ever done those in the first place. No chocolate bunnies or egg dying or anything of the sort. No special dinner. No church service.

I did get a few Cadbury eggs from my mom. She bought them because of Dad. I ate them and for once the memories they brought up didn’t make me sad.

Anyhow, no Easter this year. When people asked what we were doing, for the first time ever, I responded “We don’t really celebrate.” No church. No Easter dresses. No Christ.

I did attend a Passover Seder hosted by a dear friend. It was lovely and fun and inclusive and warm and I learned a lot. Easter Eve was a game night, and I got the giggles listening to Wash and my husband and my boyfriend talk about space rocks and falling damage.

On Easter, we went somewhere better than any cathedral: the Columbia River Gorge. We hiked Horsetail Falls. It was a sunny and warm day, and the scenery was breathtaking. It was so very much better than being crammed into a stuffy church, or overlooked at a busy restaurant brunch. Just us and the waterfalls and the trees. No chocolate crosses for us, just Wheat Thins and cheddar and turkey before heading up the trail.

And the only bunny ears we saw were being worn by another group of hikers, just starting their trek.

It was a good way to begin our hiking season. Happy Spring, everyone.



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