Introducing Wash

The Other Woman was the first to point it out, and the next time I saw The New Boy, I gave him a good look and decided she was right. Since then, other people, including the New Boy himself, have agreed. It seems he gets the comparison a lot.

He resembles Alan Tudyk, the actor who played Wash on Firefly. If Alan Tudyk wasn’t blond, but more of a gingery brown. And if he wore glasses.

And, since he’s been around since December, I’m starting to feel silly calling him the New Boy, so I’m going to start calling him Wash.

Because more people need to be named after Firefly characters. Too bad I’m not as drop-dead sexy as Zoe.


Today, I mentioned I wasn’t feeling well and was alone with the kids all day, and he offered to make the long drive to my place to give me a bubble bath, back rub, and cuddles. I might keep him around for a while.


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