Ten doesn’t seem like such a big number. At least, not most of the time.

But, this week, my Son turns 10.

And 10 seems so much larger when you relate it to children’s ages as opposed to, say, eggs.

And so we celebrated his first decade this past weekend, with a horde of third and fourth grade kids, and hot dogs, and soda, and Nerf battles, and video games, and a cake shaped like a Creeper. On Sunday we had the grandparents over for pizza and cookies.

Some of the boys that invaded my house on Saturday I have known since preschool. Then, they barely reached my waist. They had small, piping voices, and strong but tiny hands. Now, the tallest of them look me in the eye. My son comes up to my nose now, and his hands are larger than mine. The fingerprints he can’t help but leave on the wall are higher now… The shoes I trip over in living room are nearly as big as my own.

Ten years. Ten years of skinned knees and scratched fingers. One ER visit, for a broken tooth and nasty cut lip. Ten years of first steps, first falls, first laughs, first words, first days, first airplane trips… The first time he laughed, the first time he called me mama, the first time he asked me to stop calling him Sweet Pea. Ten years of dandelions stuck in jam jars on the windowsill. Ten years of toy trucks and Legos and Pokemon. Ten years of saturated soccer shoes under the heater and toast crumbs on the couch. Ten years of thinking about him, worrying about him, hoping he’s ok, being infuriated with him, loving him anyways… those years really do slip by so fast.

What do I have to show for the past ten years? An amazing young man. He’s a little quiet until you get to know him, and then he will talk your ear off. He’s an introvert like me, and loves his world of books and video games and Legos. He’s in TAG for his reading, and is very good at Math as well. He’s sweet and a little shy and very loving. He’s a wonderful big brother, and you can tell he loves his sister with everything he has. He loves animals and helps look after his grandmother. He’s an amazing goalie, and one of his teacher’s favorite students.

He’s my best boy, and I don’t want to imagine my world with out him.

Happy birthday, my Mister Monster Man. It’s been an awesome ten years, and I am looking forward to seeing what the next decade holds for us.


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