My Safety Net

Today’s post relates to my previous post, Boats. You may want to take a second and read it, if you haven’t already. Or if you want to read it again. Whichever. I’ll be here.

Welcome back.

Thinking about all the awesome digital messages I get throughout the day reminded me of something else I truly love about my life. I call it my safety net.

Do I need someone to hang out with husband while he gets tattoo work done? How about someone to watch the kids while we go to the Poly discussion group on Sunday? Someone to bring me ice cream and Disney movies to comfort a sick kid since I can’t leave the house? How about an entire cheering section for my daughter’s first gymnastics meet or my son’s final soccer game of the season? (Yes, my kids come with their own large and loud cheering sections. I love it.) Or an instant party complete with amazing food… at the last-minute? What if I just need someone to cry on, or someone to let me know they are sorry I am hurting? Or someone to text with during functions with the blood relatives?

And then, there is the flip side: Do you need someone to bring something for your sick kid? Or peanut butter ice cream and a cuddle to heal a broken heart? Does the kidlet need help with an essay? Do you need last-minute babysitting, or help moving your heavy table? Do you need to get out of the house, or stay in for a movie night? Do you need a card, a hug, a van, or petsitting services?

All these things are related… because in this awesome group of people I know, we do these things for each other. And it’s not because we feel obligated, and not because we expect payback, but because we genuinely love the people involved and we want to keep their lives moving forward. It makes us happy to see the other people happy, too. And we hurt when the other people hurt.

And if Person A has a table they don’t want anymore, and Person B needs a table, and Person C has a truck and lots of muscle, those three people get together and make it happen. And I know if Husband is out helping his Pet move, I can text her and ask her to make sure he eats. Because I know she will, and that simple request won’t bother her, because she wants to see him happy and healthy. And I know that all of the Poly Roger crew will show up, if they can, and cheer the kids on for whatever they are currently trying to achieve. And I was thrilled when Boo asked me to help her write essays so she can try to get into her school of choice. And I get baby snuggles from the brand-new baby… and his mother gets to give her arms a rest and take a shower and eat a sandwich.

It is something I used to like about being part of a church community. Except for this one works better. The church community often felt like people were doing these things out of obligation, and it took some of the glow off of it. This community, the one I am currently part of and helping to build, is doing it out of true, genuine love. The kind that Christians like to think they are driven by but often are not.

The kind of love that nets me text messages in the morning, and jars of jam in the summer, and the all-over wonderful feeling of finally, truly, belonging somewhere.

PS – share the love. Please feel free to post this on Facebook and Twitter. And give love out, folks. It’s the only thing that’s real.

PPS – If you missed it, here is the comic where the Crew of the Poly Roger first appeared.


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