I live in a world where good morning texts happen. Starting at 6:30 or 7, the good mornings start to trickle in. Husband first, always. Because he’s already been up at and work for hours. Boyfriend usually next, but sometimes Husband’s Pet beats him to the punch. The New Boy texts me, without fail, about 9:30, as he is rolling into his office and starting his day. Sometimes I will hear from the Other Woman, sometimes from my Heart Sister, sometimes from random other friends. Sometimes I rise to greetings via Twitter, from the other side of the world.

Usually at this point, before I have really started my day or finished my coffee, I have heard from a dozen people. I’ve snuggled two cats, played with the dog, and hugged two squirmy and boisterous children and packed the oldest one off to school.

When I wake up, I do so feeling loved. I get out of my warm bed on clammy winter mornings knowing that people in this world are already thinking of me, and hoping I have a good day. I get “good mornings” and smiley emoticons and digital roses. The messages continue throughout the day, little blips on my radar that let me know that people are thinking about me and that I am important to them.

And I got to thinking, today, about my friends and partners and metamours and all that, all over the world. I don’t know how many texts I recieve or send… I could probably dig into my cell phone account and find out, but I’m too lazy. I tweet all day, and receive tweets. I don’t facebook much anymore, but I still check in and I use their messenger system on my phone, because it’s the only way I have to get ahold of some folks.

And I realized something. These texts and tweets and emoticons and all that are like digital boats, keeping me afloat on the sea of love and well-wishes from all the amazing people I am priviledged to share my life with.

I wonder sometimes, if more people need more of these reminders. Maybe the reason so many people are struggling is not because they don’t have all this love in their lives, but because people aren’t remembering to tell them that they are, indeed, loved and valued.

Maybe what the world needs isn’t more love, although that would certainly be a good idea, but more reminders of the love that is there. I think that would be a good place to start.

PS – please feel free to share this on facebook or twitter, and remember to put more love out in the world. The more love you share, the more you will have shared with you.


2 responses to “Boats

  • MizTrouble

    I look forward to those texts and tweets every day. Hubby usually texts me about 9:30am when he’s at work and getting ready to put his phone away to start his shift. Texts from Boyfling and Squish usually arrive within a couple of minutes from each other in the 7 o’clock hour. Makes every day easier to wake up on the Awesome side of the bed. 😉

  • Outside the Lines

    […] post relates to my previous post, Boats. You may want to take a second and read it, if you haven’t already. Or if you want to read it […]

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