I’m Still Here

So much for my commitment to writing and posting at least twice a week….

I’m still here. Sorry I goofed. Life’s been busy, sure, but not any busier than usual, to be honest. My life is pretty crazy busy most of the time.

I just plain forgot.

So here’s where I’m at right now. I’m getting ready to register my youngest for Kindergarten. My oldest turns ten in a couple of weeks, and we have birthday festivities to plan. There has been a few sunny days here in the Northwest, so I’ve been out in the garden, getting it ready for veggies. There was a Pathfinder night at our house last weekend, and a wonderful brunch date with the Boyfriend the next morning. I’ve had two dates with the New Boy, and I’m rediscovering a 17-year-old self who likes to cuddle in cars. There has been lovely laughing times with my Husband, and a few evenings lingering over Girl Scout cookies. There was a doctor’s appointment with my amazing doctor, who might have some solutions for my pain issues. There has been a crochet class and a few gymnastics sessions and some shoe shopping. There was 28 spelling tests and 14 birthday invitations. There has been an awesome kid who needed some help with some essays, and countless numbers of texts between myself and my friends and lovers.

I’ve bought three CDs and four books and I’ve failed to find the perfect pair of shoes for this weekend’s formal event. My husband bought a sword and a dozen yards of fabrics for costumes for the Faire season. We are all antsy for warmer weather and camping trips and hiking adventures and cold beer on hot days.

And this is my slow season…

Anyhow, I hope to be back to posting regularly. If there is anything you would like to hear me ramble on about, please let me know!


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