My Awesome Week

I just wanted to take a moment and be thankful for all the awesome that’s been going on in my life lately.

Firstly, I found an amazing General Practitioner. After checking my health history, she said the words every fat girl loves to hear. “Your weight does not matter.” And I nearly cried. After years of being overweight, and doctors who want to blame everything from my skin problems to my carpal tunnel on my BMI, I have finally found a doctor who took a look at the whole picture. And she is happy with what she sees. A young woman, with a full and busy, but happy life, who exercises regularly and eats well, and never smokes. And she said that because everything else in my life is where it belongs, my weight is simply not a big deal. Then we had a very frank talk about my sex life, and I gathered some incredibly useful information about STIs within the Bisexual and Lesbian community. Apparently, this is something a lot of doctors don’t talk about with their queer female patients, and she wanted to make sure it was information I had. And then she signed me up for the whole panel of tests for everything, since I am overdue, and got me scheduled for my PAP and breast exam next month. I found my own personal unicorn. A fat-friendly, sex-positive doctor, with the added bonus of a warm personality and a good sense of humor. AND when I went in for my lab work, they found a vein on the first try… miracles of miracles. I’m keeping this doctor forever, if I can.

Last Friday, I got two new tattoos. I had a nice payoff for some creative work for Portlandia, and I find it fitting that I used the money for new ink. I already wrote about Float. I also got a wreath of hearts on my left leg. I’ll post pics of that when it’s fully healed. My artist is amazing, the sitting went well, and I am thrilled to have lovely new art on my body.

I saw the culmination of another creative project this week, as well, but I can’t post about it quite yet. Next week, I will. I promise.

I had a lovely date with the New Boy. He bought me a cinnamon roll and we had a nice chat and a walk and some people watching.

I got some cuddle time in with Boyfriend, after he kicked my ass at Scrabble.

I got to see my heart-sister and her beautiful baby boy.

I came out to a good friend. And having done so, I feel strong and supported and loved.

And I’ve had lots of loving, wonderful time with the Husband and the kids and the Other Woman… I am sometimes overwhelmed by the love in my life. I feel like I am truly the luckiest woman in the world.

So, make my world even more awesome. Share in the comments something that has totally rocked your week…

I feel like my cup really is running over with all the love and amazing people in my life.


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