My type of boys

I’m not a gamer, but I speak the language very well. My very first boyfriend, when I was 14, was a gamer. The boy I dated for a few months in high school was a gamer. My first girlfriend, when I was 17, played Vampire with a few of my other friends. My husband is a gamer. My boyfriend is a gamer. The new boy is a gamer…. Even my son is heeding the siren call of D20’s and character sheets, and is joining his first Pathfinder campaign this weekend.

Which means, he will be joining my husband (his dad), my boyfriend, and the new boy in something that I believe is a first in my life.

All three partners, in the same room, around a kitchen table… playing Pathfinder.

I must say, this isn’t something that happens very often to anyone, at least not as far as I have heard.

Boyfriend asked me if I would be going out that evening. Sometimes I do… sometimes the clatter of dice and the deep echo of men’s voices is too much for me, and I bail. But not this time. I told him “Why would I want to go anywhere? All the attractive men are at my house!” I may hide in the office and write, or camp on the couch and knit. I like to listen to the games, even if I don’t play them. I don’t play any games very well. I get too bored.

This illustrates something else, though, a lovely deeper truth. Something that pleases me greatly.

My husband and my boyfriend get along. They have been friends for almost as long as Boyfriend and I have been together. This isn’t the first time they have gamed together, and I am sure it won’t be the last. We do family dinners, the four of us (can’t forget boyfriend’s wife – the other corner of our square!) and hikes and I love my time with The Other Woman and I feel very fortunate to call her my friend.

And I am hoping the New Boy will fit in well, also. Nerdy, Geeky, a gamer… he has good odds.

And I get to sit back, and enjoy the show, as these wonderful men who mean so much to me spend time with one other… time that doesn’t involve me in the slightest, except for that I am the reason they all were brought together in the first place.

PS: Sadly, the magical gaming night never happened. It was cancelled due to illness. Instead, I got a lovely afternoon date with the Boyfriend, and spent the evening playing Munchkin and watching “I Love the 1880’s” with the Husband and the kids. But, I must add, it still makes me happy that it almost happened, and I am looking forward to whenever they reschedule…


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